John Moran – founder of the group

John Moran - founder

This group has been set up by John Moran, a C5 incomplete tetra (walking) who, in 2014, was involved in quite a serious RTA, which left him with substantial injuries, back broken in 2 places, several ribs broken and spinal cord crushed at c5 and l5.

On the long road to recovery, John faced many challenges and reralised that, particulaly after leaving hospital, there is relativley limited support to help you rebuild your life. Hence his decision to start a local support group for Greater Manchester.

He commented: ‘We’re not here to solve everyone’s problems – the idea is firstly to offer a friendly place to come and have a brew and a chat with similarly injured people, because I know how awkward it can sometimes be speaking to able bodied people about our problems.’

Catch up with the full article here.

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