Wheelchair Yoga

Wheelchair Yoga

Occupational Therapists – Munro Therapy Services  in conjuction  with David Lloyd Bolton can now offer a unique yoga experience for  Wheelchair users.

About Yoga

Yoga hails from India, and helps people to express their unique selves via certain moves, or ‘poses’. It’s therefore important for anyone taking up a new yoga routine to learn to be comfortable with themselves and the expressions of their bodies. Great at one pose but not quite managing another?

No worries, it’s all about managing to stretch and strengthen in a way that you feel comfortable with, and in a way that strengthens your mind too.

Wheelchair Pose

So why should you do Wheelchair Yoga?

As with most exercise, the many benefits of wheelchair yoga really are surprising. As you probably expected, your flexibility is likely to improve and you may well become stronger pretty quickly. But you can also expect the benefits of better sleep, less stress and anxiety in your everyday life, and a clearer mental connection with what is going on around you.  Who wouldn’t want these things in today’s busy world?

This is especially true if you struggle to move quickly and often, in a state that will get your heart pumping and make you breathless.  But now there are ways to strengthen your core, improve your posture and solidify a calm state of mind, all whilst sitting down.

Our first session is on the 10th January at David Lloyd Bolton @ 1.30pm and the cost session is only £5 and places are limited

To book a place please  follow the link  here