There is no substitute for information gained from fellow sufferers who have already spent time organising their new found situation. However we have added, below links to some helpful websites and reference points which may be useful to you. If you discover others that have really helped you, or someone you know, then we’d be delighted if you would share with us and we can add in due course.

We welcome your feedback
Feedback helps us evaluate our service which in turn helps us apply to funders to be able to continue supporting people with spinal cord injured.
Please click on this link to fill in a short online survey to evaluate the peer support you received.

The SIA website

SIA’s nurse advocates
Specialists nurse who can support people in non specialist settings. (Membership is required)

The SIA Fundraising page
The SIA is a charity who receives no government funding. If and when you feel ready too please check out this page for all the different ways in which you can fundraise for us.

How to become a member
Becoming a member of the SIA has many benefits including full access to SIA services. It is free to join, you will receive an email once a month of what is going on in the world of spinal injury as well as a free magazine for the first 6 months (optional extra after initial period). This is not just for people with SCI. Anyone effected by SCI can join including family members and carers.

Home delivery
Having the right home delivery service can make a big difference to your life once home. SIA healthcare is the only service to provide continence products as well as medication plus a wide range of complimentary extras. For home delivery contact Stephen Burns on

Northwest Regional Spinal Injuries
The Midlands spinal Injuries Unit in Oswestry
Sheffield Spinal Injuries Unit

Higher rate motability

See here for cars under higher rate motability

Hand controls fitted by motability

For voluntary jobs in your local area.

For grants from all charities In the country.

For grants

For local disability sports

For mentor and outward bounds activities

For assistive technology and information on benefits and grants

The owls disabled sports club

SIA merseyside support group
They meet at the brain charity in Liverpool city centre on the first Wednesday of each month.

Helpful Facebook groups:
SCI Owners Club
SCI Survivors USA
Spinal Injuries Association

Wheelchair companies:

Disabled holidays:

For other useful information search spinal injuries