Sue FisherI had a car crash in October 1972 breaking my spinal cord at T4/5 complete & leaving me paraplegic.

I also broke my neck, which healed, apart from leaving me unable to cough properly!

I was a patient for 11 months in Southport Spinal Injury Hospital learning to come to terms with this, going home for weekends before I was discharged.

I then spent a long time at home on my own reading sauce labels & other fascinating things; until a friend took me for a short walk and then left me in the street, with the option of coming to the pub with them, or staying there till they came out!

That woke me up – of course I went to the pub, under sufferance and when I realised that there was a life beyond the sauce labels, I started to look for things to do. And once I started, there was no stopping me!

Of course, research has moved on a lot since my injury – it’s been good to meet up with the ‘newbies’ & comparing notes.

Another big tick joining this new, and much needed local Spinal Injury Support Group.