We are growing our membership week by week and are holding regular local meetings in an informal setting to get to know each other, share our experiences and help each other with information we may each have picked up along the way. As the group grows we are hoping to discuss a range of topics to help each other and provide us with more information and support going forward.

The meetings are open to anyone who has suffered a significant spinal injury, of any age and through any circumstance. Our initial members have recognised the real value in being able to talk to people who have gone through the same trauma and faced the same challenges and fears. – they have found that by talking to others it has helped them to realise they are not alone and that other people are having the same fears and anxieties and it proves a very strong support network.

Because there is limited support once you have been discharged from daily care, most people have had to discover other sources of care, of financial support and access to advice the hard way, through research, asking around and trial and error. This support group aims not only to provide some published links to useful information but also share the combine knowledge of others to help you to get the best possible support.

Carers are also most welcome to come along and support too as often the information and support given is useful to them as they carry out their job.